Day to Day

I work my days in a drive-thru Costa, to see how Janet cleans the tables: a revolution of clean in dishcloth form. I sleep my nights away in a motel. The banging on opposite walls comes from Tinder and Heinz beans on misshapen stoves. The nights I spend clanging wine glasses filled with discounted Pepsi, … Continue reading Day to Day


White Ermine

In the shower, silent as the nervous window cleaner forced to peer at scenes of intimacy, cautious in its approach to the woodland hairs of Armpit Valley. Frequenting the soap of a withered sponge once of lavender dreams while clammy petrichor reeks out of open pores, the moth grazes through the downpour towards the elbow. … Continue reading White Ermine


Crashing with panicking shrapnel almost believing myself a spinning plate, falling, an accident, a fuck up, a mistake. A simple error, not looking, running blind into the school bully you’d think would only exist in a child’s nightmare. The ginger bully, tall as two kids and as fat as three, he knocked me down with … Continue reading Teeth