This page contents the poetry I upload chronologically in a neat and organised fashion with newer poems located towards the bottom of each headlined list. You may also find links to other people’s poems at the very bottom of this page. To reach a poem, just click its name and it’ll open in a new window or tab.



National Poetry Day 2015 – A Drop

A Poetic Look At Anger

Crystal Dahlias


A dragon who breathes no fire


War, Once Peace

Australian Outback, Pangolin [Ekphrastic]

Tuesday, 3rd May

Love’s Coinflip, Nonconsensual massage/Blue did suit you best – Two poems on what love is, and can be.


The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, 1991 [Ekphrastic]

A Mid-Summer’s Day in my Farnworth Back Garden [Sonnet]

Answering Machine

Poem Titled, Spontaneity


Rage Shower

I never could have made it as a samurai

Delayed Thoughts – A Collection for Mental Health Awareness Day

I draw straws



Just for a moment


Half-roast Barista


Siren’s Song

Day to Day

Poetry Exercises

Writing Exercise: Working from a Phrase #1

Poems published Elsewhere


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