Other Writings

Other Writings – Fiction, Reviews, Scripts, Short Films


This section has, in chronological order of upload date, my fiction pieces with newer stories located towards the bottom of the list. Please feel free to navigate to the works of fiction by clicking the names.

300 Word Story

500 Word Story #1: Jeff Angela Brisley

500 Word Story #2: Jeff Finds A Table

A Tale of Zozu – Binning Some Rubbish


Together, we had no Voice

A Bitter Old Man


Woman in the Dress, Telling #1

Woman in the Dress, Telling #2

Walk. Part One.

Walk. Part Two.

500 Word Story #3: Jeff’s Night Out

Thoughts On Valentine

The Zoo (Part One)

The Zoo (Part Two)

The Zoo (Part Three)

Azure, King of the Field


British Nightmare


Here are the reviews I have uploaded to this website. With this section, the title of the creative works with the author’s chosen name with a link to their work are on the left side of the page, while my review will be linked to the right.

Do you want to see your creative work here, be it a text or a image? Send me an email to adam.zozu.foley@outlook.com or contact me on my social websites.

‘Blackheart’, by Jack Marsden – Review of ‘Blackheart’

Dark Souls III Review


This section contains my written scripts, of Screen, Radio Dramas and Stage formats.


Stage Scripts:

The Packing Of Shopping

John and Kirsty


Radio Scripts:

Nearing Camp Colorado

Short Film Script:


Short Films

This section contains my short films. While I only have one, I do plan to write more in the future.

Short Films:

Jump-Cut Date (Video in Post)