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About Adam Foley Writing

Adam Foley Writing is a site ran by myself, Adam Foley. I am a Creative Writing undergraduate at the University of Bolton. With this website, I wish to share my creative works, with anyone who is interest with them.

My writing preferences circle around Poetry and Fiction, though I also write scripts for Screen, Radio and Stage on occasion, with the skills I got throughout my studies during my Creative Writing degree. While my written content appears here, I also perform vocally on occasion within the Farnworth area.

I also partake in editoring and editorials of creative works by analysing the work of others and seeing how they use language and structure or by examining details used in images which convey meaning to the viewer.

As a writer, I enjoy spending time on my Creative work and more importantly, developing my skills. I also enjoy drawing with traditional tools and thinking about characters to further develop them, as well as analysing the artistic merits that can be found within video games, alongside playing them.

Contact Me
If you wish to contact me about my work, you may use the comments section on the most appropriate post or page, or alternatively, you may contact me privately through one of numerous methods:

My email address at: adam.zozu.foley@outlook.com

Facebook         Tumblr        Twitter        LinkedIn


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