Here are some people that I personally recommend you have a look-see at. I’ve linked up their names to their main profiles and portfolios so you can give them a visit with ease:

Didi Illustration: An Illustrator that I frequently work along with on numerous ventures, such as getting feedback on my general writings and while playing ‘Monster Hunter’. She has a western/manga style that I have enjoyed watch and evolve since I first saw her work in 2010, and uses both digital and traditional methods for her artistic ventures. She even gave me some tutorials so I could be at least half-decent. She also takes artistic commissions if you like her style. Personally, I’m very keen on this piece, a fantasy cityscape with her main OC in. She also tried wrote a poem a long time ago called: ‘I Tried’.

The Intro Stealer: An Artist who I cannot pin down for their ways of expressing Creativity in fear of missing something. They have a vast range of interests from photography to digital art. I had commissioned him back when I started my own Creative ventures to create the banner and logo for the website, and he’s a pleasure to work with. You can visit directly where he uploaded Banner, and generally browse through his gallery to get a taste of The Intro Stealer’s work.

Blue Diamonds Forever: My go-to for reviews on theatre and how to choose presents for people I don’t know well enough. She reviews various bits of makeup, sprays and the like, as well as doing photography of said products. She also attends the theatre from time-to-time, giving a good scope on the performances she visits. (Open to commission)