Podcast and Quick Update: 27th April 2017

Hello to you all! I just need to speak to you all about my absence the last couple of weeks and explain myself for a potential absence for the next coming ones.

As my degree draws to a close I’ve been reading and writing poems, essays and research papers like a literary connoisseur. I’m not quite finished for my final assignments and wish to ask for your patience for a couple more weeks, with the aim to be completely sorted out by May 17th and bring a post out on that date.

I would like to bring up some good news about some of the things I’ve been doing as of late.

Firstly, I had a Podcast Interview in March with Spoken Label’s Andy N. In this Andy and me have a wonderful chat about how I came to get to be where I am now, which was great fun. As well as this, I read a half-dozen of poems, some of which have yet to see their publication here. I’ll apologise for my umm’s and ahh’s and the bad quality from my end – it won’t be like that the next time you hear my voice, and my responses shouldn’t be as impromptu as this. If you’re interested, the complete podcast is ~30 minutes and you can find it at https://spokenlabel.bandcamp.com/album/adam-foley-spoken-label-april-2017. Again, this was only possible due to Shirley-Anne (You know who you are :D) and Andy N of Spoken Label, so let me extend extra thanks to you two.

There is a part in this where I mention a Live Literature Event that I read at, and if you are curious about which poets were there, you may find out at https://creativewritingattheuniversityofbolton.wordpress.com/2017/03/22/sensory-technicolour-and-surreal-originality-live-literature-with-rees-jones-rees-and-robinson-our-correspondent-jeni-mills-reports/

Secondly, I’ll be at the launch party for the Bolton Review: Issue Five on the 3rd May where I’ve got two published poems, which I’ll try to make a post about in the future.

Thirdly, I’ll be doing some Live Readings at the following events on the 3rd and 4th May, the Creative Writing Showcase, three on each night. While I cannot share the readings from these events, I can at least try to record them for future projects.

Finally, as mentioned in the last point, I’ll be creating my own podcasts soon enough. I’ve got the equipment and am almost ready to get them ready. I’ll get information out on this when I return from my assignments.

Anyhow, that’s mostly everything which I’ve been up to. Thanks for understanding my absence and for staying with me for your dose of Adam Foley Writing, keep safe and I’ll hope to see you all next time!


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