It’s the poet’s nemesis. While the sunset wears

the colour like a satin gown, there’s nothing else

that naturally partners with it.


It’s the winter oasis in your living room. The fires

that welcome stories and Christmas excitement

and tranquil naps on the green armchair.


It’s the peacekeeper between the Golden Delicious

and that peach in the wooden bowl. The futile fight

for my attention: I’m not keen on either of them.


It’s opposite to Blue. How the ocean and sky

can never breed or blend. Unlike the honey

those French bees made from M&Ms.


It goes well with chocolate as a stocking filler

unless you happen to be allergic. In which case,

have some salted nuts.


Orange was never my favourite colour growing up.

In fact I detested it, felt gray in its presence. Now

it is soft, warm and inviting. I want to curl up

like a drowsy red fox next to it, as if I was in the womb.


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