Crashing with panicking shrapnel
almost believing myself a spinning plate, falling,
an accident, a fuck up, a mistake.

A simple error, not looking, running
blind into the school bully you’d think
would only exist in a child’s nightmare.

The ginger bully, tall as two kids
and as fat as three, he knocked me down
with a single belly bounce.

Landing with my front two teeth first,
the white slates shattered,
over the school playground.

Nothing good came from that short school day,
as I discovered that teeth
are prone to shatter like Swarovski glass,

and that three hours out of learning
is nothing compared to the rest of my life
filled with faulty teeth and dental trips.


This poem came from the numerous experiences of where my front two teeth broke on the ground twice. It was pretty painful, and I was 8-11 years old when this happened so it was a pretty staining memory but at least it made me perfectly fine with anything dental. Now if only I can get the fillings redone in my second molars…


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