British Nightmare

Leonard remembered hearing about a strange phenomenon when he was six, about how people would microwave tea. He immediately called it a living nightmare, one that rendered his culture as a bland waste of a hundred and twenty-six years. His nightmare began when he’d gotten his dream career, and he was given a home-from-home for free. … Continue reading British Nightmare


Website Update: 8th March 2017

Since its conception, Adam Foley Writing has explored different avenues of Creative Writing, but they have always explored avenues that I wanted to explore. I am now excited to say that I am opening myself up for commissions of Poetry, Scripts, Reviews, Fiction of all lengths as well as any other miscellaneous outings. I will … Continue reading Website Update: 8th March 2017


It’s the poet’s nemesis. While the sunset wears the colour like a satin gown, there’s nothing else that naturally partners with it.   It’s the winter oasis in your living room. The fires that welcome stories and Christmas excitement and tranquil naps on the green armchair.   It’s the peacekeeper between the Golden Delicious and … Continue reading Orange


Disconnecting your phone from its cable is a sign that the stir-crazy phase of the month is about to pass. Taking a friend’s scarred phone from your cable feels like the end of a camping trip, without the crackling of burning branches, gummy marshmallows and you are left to clean up their mess. Disconnecting the … Continue reading Chargue


It’s an art form exclusive to baristas and morning people with toast-like eyes. A connoisseur who cannot serve their favourite doesn’t deserve the job. Ready-to-boil sachets are not coffee. How dare you insult Coffee, when you can’t savour the bitterness? With a whisk and powder I can make cappuccino but my coffee is bitterer than … Continue reading Coffee