Walk. Part One.

The turning of discarded paper in the wild winds sounded deeply through the roaring clouds of bellowing thunder as they became damp and heavy from the rain and began to tear as they were pummelled by shards of ice no bigger than a snowflake but more numerous than the stars on a clear night. This stormy weather had been predicted for some time now but the desperate and irrational changes the wind made as it seemed to browse the shelves of the habitat for a good deal like a shopper on a budget had resulted in the blend of sleet and lightning to plummet into the ground like it was the end of the world.

I rose to my feet after waking up with my back in a pool of mud that had started to freeze over as a particularly large dribble of rain landed on my left ear which caused it to twitch irrationally. The first thing I came to notice was that the entire of my front was delicately powdered with cake-topping snow. I shooed off what clung to my body with alternating hands with the same respect that could be expected of dandruff.

The second thing I noticed was another person that stood above me. I could see that it wasn’t as naked as I was though the whole dark atmosphere had made the body’s finer details indistinguishable, for I could feel the fabric of her polyester coat brush against my lower chest.

“I’m sorry to have funneled some of the rain into your ear but you wouldn’t respond to any amount of cheek-tapping or high-pitched singing.” The person called out in a voice that was soft in tone but strongly reinforced by an indefinite amount of charisma that not even the random winds could shatter nor disturb. “I’m just glad that you woke up.”

“Well, I’m glad that you did.” I responded with the utmost respect to her.

The air around her cheeks seemed to become warmer than the rest of the frigid mist which had managed to creep in unnoticed through the cover of the surrounding woodlands. “Speaking of which if I may, just what were you doing out here besides trying to catch forty winks and your death?”

I thought long and hard about where I had come from but all I could draw in my mind was a complicated emblem of sorts.”… I don’t know.”

“Hey, let’s not stick around here much longer or you might just fall unconscious again.”


“My home is none too far from here. Just pass me your arm and I’ll help walk you there. I can make you a bed up and you can stay with me until you’re feeling better?”

I hesitated to even touch her as I didn’t wish to steal her precious heat or invade her personal space. Yet she snatched my left arm and forced it around my neck with great concern for my health. “As great as that would be, please don’t feel like you have to help me just because you happened to see me in need…”

I was interrupted by a hard tug on the arm she’d borrowed from me. “Don’t be so daft. I’d help you out regardless because that’s what I do. And before you say it – you are banned from thanking me until you feel right again.” We started to crawl to the east.

“I’ll probably still do so. Memory loss can be quite a blow to one’s happiness. Thank you.”

She sighed lightly. “This is why I told you not to thank me. Else you’ll be thanking me every three minutes.”

Click here for Part Two


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